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Novel's blood test was done to detect the cancer before detecting the cancer


Novel's blood test was done to detect the cancer before detecting the cancer

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Scientists who can detect cancer have been examined by liquefied biological use.

The discovery found in The Journal of Nature found that the disease could be cured much before symptoms appear. Professor Daniel De Carvalho, University of Canada's Health Network said.

"An important problem with cancer is to find out how to find it & # 39; s a & # 39; a & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; a & nd; How low is the tumor DNA, "Karawala said.

By finding epigenetic differences instead of mutations, the group was able to identify thousands of different changes with each cancer.

Then, using a large data approach, they used machine learning to create a classifier to determine the presence of cancer-induced DNA in blood samples and to determine what the cancer type was.

The findings were made by researchers using seven patients with seven cases (lung pancreas, pancreas, cholesterol, breast, leukemia, urinary tract, kidneys) and 300 patients with tumor samples. Cell-DNN distributes blood samples from healthy providers. Plasma.

In each sample, "floating" plasma DNA tumor was compatible with DNA. The research team has expanded more than 700 tumor and blood samples into more cancers.

The next steps are to analyze data from many of the countries and already analyze data from large population health research studies.

Ultimately evaluate the approach to cancer screening. MHN

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