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Pages from the big book of football clinics

One of the big book of football clubs is the backup quartet mantra.

"You are only a player and if you are going to start preparing it."

Trues are mutually exclusive. But most storeers and backups do not exist. In most cases, there is a remarkable drop in the skill and / or experience of quotaback to Kubanback 2.

That's why the connection works. Starter starts and only backup plays when needed.

However, if Starter fails to take up this position, turn to the 3rd page of the big book of football clubs, which describes the "quartekback dispute." This is what makes headlines and uncomfortable head coaches.

Since the Canadian Football League is held every November, in the West and West finals, four current teams tend to fit into controversies. Teams who are obviously weak at the center are generally outdated, but are not in the first round of the playoff round. Toronto, Montrée, Saskatchewan, BC, in the regular season In the semi-finals.

(Eskimos' seven comedy does not answer even the great book of soccer clinics, allowing the play off), the former meeping Mike Raleigh, who had control of all seasons.

Each of Ottawa, Hamilton, Calgary, and Winnipeg, was a well-defined and relatively constant starter / backup connection. But four teams have not been created equal. From it. If they drop a player away from sending to the backup after Sunday or a week in the Gray Cup in Edmonton, the Winnipeg is at the top.

Bombers boasted of one of the most powerful two-quarterback punch in every season. Matt Nichols suffered an early knot and a mid-season crisis and his top floor. Chris Straewer played in three matches and eight matches in Edmonton. There is nothing in the bag with the best backup quarterback in the league.

Of course, you're better than Nicolas' Yeremyo Masolyo or Calvary's Boe Lee Mitchell, the head of your offense – perhaps the West-West nominee for the best player – Ticat Dan Evans, a stamp pad Nick Arbelle. Dominic Davis was like a stomach to the Starter Trevor Harris this season.

There is no drop into a streker. He is great mobile, has a sense of security, creativity, noise and cannon for one hand. His experience in the beginning of the year still provides dividends for self-confidence and comfort in the restrictions.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats quarters Yemria Masoli (8) b Ground while throwing. In the second half, Osal Willys (11), Hamilton and CFL at Om Sunday, November 11, 2018.

Peter Power /

Cananan Press

"I feel like a starter, I do not know how I give it," he said after winning the semi-finals at the semifinals in Regina. "I want to do as much as I can for my team.

"We have got big leaders who have helped me through my work, not everyone who plays in any position, it's attracted to everyone and make sure you're ready to rock and roll."

He did not have any faith in the team.

"He's an animal, man," said Winnipeg receiver Drew Voltaarsky, a team of Strelesez in Minnesota University. He is a trustworthy person. I believe with him team. When he comes in, & # 39; O, our starter is missing & # 39 ;, it's a straightforward, roll, roll, and man. Let's happen. We have a great faith in him. He is a big part of this crime. "

He played a pivotal role in this season with the support of the Nichols. Goal scored at least once in the 18th record season and tested at least one pass of 12 games. Then he reached the West Semifinal. It then left behind another, 41 yards rung seven times. He passed 2 for 2.

"The strevelli has wheels, he uses footprints in his feet first," Voltatorsky said. "When we came to the stroller, we got to change our crime, because he had a vast skill."

Nichols, coach of Wink coach Mike Oceey, made a controversial controversy following the collapse of the mid-season. He constantly threw in his number 1 cave. Streverer used steels whether or not Nichols was playing well. This is a condition for deployment of the double. You can prepare stamps to defend against the stretcher.

"This is a bonus for us," Oshy said after the West Semifinals. "He's a big team person, he goes to his chosen plays and he grows pride in it."

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QBs are tuned by TDs

Top 10

Mike Riley, Edmundon – 43 (30 passes, 13 rush)

Boe Levi Mitchell, Calgary – 35 (all passes)

Yereri Masoli, Hamilton – 30 (28 crossing and two outside)

James Franklin, Toronto – 22 (passes eight, 14 attacks)

Trevor Harris, Ottawa – 22 (all passes)

Chris Straweiler, Winnipeg – 21 (passes 11 and 10 rhesus)

Matt Nichols, Winnipeg – 19 (18 balls)

Travis Lule, b. C. – 13 (all goes by)

Antonio Pipkin, Montreal – 11 (passes three, eight running creek)

MacLeod Bethel-Thompson, Toronto – 10 (nine passing, one out)

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