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Personal data from the Canadian Senator clearly leaked online on Twitter Hack

Rachel Gilmore and Mackenzie Gray, CTWS. Staff

Sunday Published, January 6, 2019 11:44 pm EST

The Twitter account of the Conservatives Senator Linda Frame was hacked on Sunday night, people who hacked their driving license, including personal liability and their tweets using ethnic slurs.

"Chi Linda, can you lead us to the mall?" Read a tweet.

The tweet then shared an image behind and behind its driver's license, which showed personal information including her address.

No purpose for Hack was readily apparent, but criminals tweeted that they "do not appreciate corrupt politicians" and the emoji of the Palestinian flag is included.

Hackers group was linked to accounts and identified themselves as a "spam gang", claiming to "run a Twitter".

Hacking is coming a few days after high profile hacking in Germany, where many politicians and officials, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, dumped personal details online.

Do not be the first senator to hack from.

Conservative Senator Don Palette hacked his Twitter account at the end of October, however, hackers chose to adopt a more relaxed approach. Rather than sharing personal details, they shared their thoughts on the conflict between popular female rap artists Nicky Minaj and Cardi B – and changed their photos into a more muscular, heavily tattooed young man.

The problems of the palette were quickly resolved and its sole loss control created a lightweight chart.

Concerned by experts about advancing the goal of politicians and elections, high-profile hacking events have expressed concern.

The government introduced Bid C-76 to modernize the election rules to tackle such concerns. This law creates a new crime of computer interference in hopes of slowing hackers' efforts to other countries to interfere in the election process.

However, Chief Electoral Officer Stephen Perrault and Commissioner of Elections Yves Coat warned that new crimes may not be able to do much to slow down hackers' efforts. The bill requires evidence that the culprit wants to influence the outcome of the election.

This means that the hackers who want to sow in confusion will not be influenced by the new bill.

Communications Security Establishment, the spy agency also launched a new cyber security test in response to the increase in cyberbullying. The goal of the organization is to "take the first step to respond to more synchronized and effective cyberbullying".

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