Friday , May 7 2021

Physical identity, assassination regime found in rural Stratho County

Photo photo of RCMP logo

Zach Liang / Postmedia, file

The main crime department of RCMP says that on Thursday, the body of a deceased person was killed on a rural property in Strathaco County.

After the autopsy of the Chief Medical Officer's Office in Edmonton on Friday, the body was identified as 25-year-old Sheruswood Park's Gurusumet Brar.

RCMP CPL said that investigations are ongoing with the help of the County General Investigation Department of the RCMP Forensic Identification Department and the Streetsko. Chris Warren.

RCMP is not at risk for public safety.

After receiving 911 call on 911 at 9:34 on Thursday, at 8:34, the police searched the dead person on the Range Road on the Highway 14 and Rare Road Road 231 on rural property.

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