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Prince Charles does not speak when the king becomes


Prince Charles

The World Print World tells us that we can stop talking about what he thinks of being stronger than the one he will become king.

For decades he has campaigned on issues like environment. But he said he did not do that.

Prince Charles was speaking at a BBC documentary to observe his 70th birthday. He said that intervention would continue.

He said that he should act on "constitutional amendments".

What is he saying?

In the documentary, Prince Charles asked about his campaign. Some people have called it "intervention."

According to Charles, the documentary filmmaker John Bridcott followed for 12 months following Charles's princess. In the use of the word "interaction", Charles made a "bid bridge".

The heir of the throne said: "If I do not have to worry about the city of 40 years ago, I'm proud of it."

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Charles Darwin wants to help the princess

We have divided the character of Prince Veil and Raju completely, "he said.

"It is essential to remember that at one time there is only one sovereignty available," he said.

"Therefore, you should not be a sovereign if you are a Prince or a descendant of the land.

"But anyway, I'm going to go the same way if I succeed, because two or two situations are quite different."

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Film maker John Bridcott said people who misunderstood that the world's prince was "desiring to be king" is misunderstood.

Asked if his advertising campaign would continue, he said: "No, no, I'm wrong.

Shri Bridcott said: "He is hanging around, and the people who want to become king are very much wrong.

"He should not die, because it only happens after his mother's death.

Why is this important?

NBC's Princess Nicholas Witchell

He tried his adult life, as if he had changed it, "a difference". Often he has led the world's prince to talk about the deeper topics: environmental, genetic crops, inner cities, architecture, education, homeopathy and medicine.

Often, due to the discomfort in government departments, he had to respond to his heartwarming "black spider" manuscripts, always uplifting, and some issues with the prince's attention.

That's a big concern. Does the prince appreciate that these moments will end when his mother and the king of Britain?

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Prince Charles's grandson Prince George

Like the king, he is on his way to & # 39; Promotion & # 39; He knows the years in which he completely understood that he should be stopped.

While the Prince always said publicly, Charles swallowed himself. Any mention of how she works as a Maoist is that her mother can be seen as disrespectful.

At the age of 93, however, the Princess is also recognized by Charles Charles for his 70th birthday and publicly discloses his involvement in public intervention.

"You are working," he says in the BBC's documentary, "Constitutional Rules."

It is logical to assume that he will hear his conviction with some relief in Whitehall and the hallway.

What was he campaigning for?


Prince of Wales has campaigned for traditional urbanization and architecture for centuries.

The throne was later inherited after the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture, established in 1986, by the Prince Foundation.

In 1992 he said: "I did not have special interest in this country, and I understand and love it very much.

Climate change

Claiming climate change and environmental sustainability.

In 2017, people should live with their surroundings.

He added: "Do not be able to do that, I'm afraid we're already getting closer to it, this is a devastating proof."

The BBC environmentalist Roger Harabarin said: "The decade before the human-weather climate change has been warned by the Prince.

"Some were controversial, but now there is a scientific symposium on the threat."

Wildlife protection

Charles is campaigning for wildlife conservation and hunting.

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In 2018 he said: "We believe that the planet's sixth largest extinction has occurred, if the current biodiversity level is more than a thousand times higher, and we are still completely damaging to anything that is lost."


Prince Charles has raised some criticism for his support for homeopathy – a treatment based on the use of high-quality substances for self-healing.

He treated his own cows and sheep in homeopathy and told the scientists and government officials.

"Homeopathic homeopathy is used to alleviate homeopathic medicine and to reduce dependence on more traditional medicines and antibiotics."

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