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Prince Philip with Prince Charles & # 39; very different & # 39; Relationship is ink | News

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's first child, Prince Charles, were in 1948, one year after their marriage. Then Princess Anne, who was born one year after her brother Charles. In 1960, the couple welcomed Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, the second son, in 1964.

According to sources close to the Royal Family, the children did not spend time with their parents growing up and Prince Charles did not particularly have a good relationship with his father.

Prince of Wales admitted in a "rigid" and "hectring" prince Philip and an interview with Duke of Edinburgh that he and Charles are two different people in terms of things they see.

In the 2016 documentary "Prince Philip – A King King Princes", the royal journalist Robert Jobson claimed that Prince Charles did not have "serious role models when growing up" during the childhood of Prince Charles. .

Writer Penny Junrr noted: "Duke of Edinburgh not only received his son.

"They did not understand.

"He had a very difficult relationship with Charles.

"They did not talk to each other as normal father and son."

Mr. Jobans Added: "Maybe she always pricks up Prince Charles slightly.

"And the fact that she was not able to go further to her marriage to Princess Diana, the error of her son was so much the same as her son's mother-in-law."

Rajkumar Phillip's disappointment in relation to her son with Camilla Parker Bowles, she has been released in support letters sent to Princess Diana.

In these letters, the Duke of Edinburgh gave his full support to the Princess of Wales and criticized Prince Charles, blaming his relationship for contributing to his marriage breakdown.

The characters say: "I can only repeat what I said.

"If inviting, I always try to help you and Charles with my best ability, but I am ready to accept that I have no talent as a marriage counselor.

"We do not allow any of you.

"Charles risks everything to a man in his position for Camilla."

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