Sunday , May 16 2021

Saath Rollins talks about their Survivor Series matches and Future plans

Seth Rollin's comments on the mapmura match, Roosey, Storman, More

Photo by Mark Pfeitzner / Getty Images

Sheth Rollins recently made an appearance Show Greg Automobile 1130-KWKH to talk about various things. You can see the link to see the whole thing as well as the following interviews.

I can not speak for him, but there is a lot of respect for me, some of whom I admire far away. To enter the ring with him, check against me, find out how really good I am. It's a solution, it was an excellent rival, and I was glad that we successfully got success.

I got something before going back to my Wrestling School home in Iowa. I think once I stop the road and my in-ring career will be complete, it may take some time and relax for a while. You know, but who knows that I always like to give back the business. My passion, as you said, my whole life. So I definitely feel something I can do in one way or another until I can.

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