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San Diego leads the state to open a MOUIV invitational

Lahina, Hawaii – Sean Williamson has hit the ball with a clear ball. The mob reached the front before reaching mid-level.

The sounds of the Lahina Civic Center were set up with the newer William Villeneuve of the Duchess and launched through the air. Headlong, head on the floor, placed the grief of headache.

Duke's greatest show and paradise hit.

In the mound-invitational opener on Monday, It was 90-64 at the San Diego Stadium.

"They understand that they are a bigger part of them, but it's still a good way," said Duke Coach Mike Crossowski. "The spotlight is huge, and their stuff shows the spotlight as the whole team."

The Doctor's College was the talk of basketball boys. The high-profile sportsmen were fired from a cannon in the new season. Kentucky. After the five-time champion Blue Devils came to heaven and played with acetakes (2-1).

Duke (4-0) won the 17-point Half Time Lead. Williams played seven first minutes with the first-call foul. With 52 points firing at three points 25-

They were going into semifinals against the semi-finals against the EB Abe. At one point, the Acrobatic movements seemed to be in front of a continuous rouge. Duke 16-0 is always inseparable.

"They are good players, that's simple and simple," said Jeremy Hemsley of San Diego. They know to play basketball, they play at a high level.

Seventh, seeded second, defeated David Watson 15 points in the second semifinal.

No. 8 Auburn 88, XAVIER 77

Savior shakes. Even after their star guards, if they are in a bleak defense of overtimes, eight ranged tigers mow in Maui.

Braille Brown had 26 points. Jared Harper's 25 and number-one Xavier were close at hand.

"They're a back-bat player and you can see the differences that you're experiencing," said Abeon Coach Bruce Pearl. "You do not have to be afraid of being defeated, you have to go on the line and I think this is what they did, both of them competing, and the difference was definitely their best player."

Tugers defeated badly from the start in the opening match (4-0) – from the 3-point range to 15 to 3 points, the new view shook Musketeers (2-2). One shot got injured in the control. However, Xavier wins the overture of 11-2.

In the semi-finals, Dabok has secured 31 points in the semi-finals.

Ryan Velage has 17 points, Paul Scags and Musketeers.


Arizona needs 30 minutes. Once wildcats are done, there is no answer to the short-sightedness of Iowa State.

Justin Kolman finished 18th, Arizona crashed in the 71-66 and finished 10-point second half.

Arizona (4-0) jumped in the first 30 minutes after the first two minutes in its rotating tournament. In the last 39 seconds, eight free trottts came early. Golsaiah and Golsaga in the semi-final of the bronze went on Tuesday.

"We're not scared, we hung there," said Arizona coach Schen Miller.

Scorpio hurricanes (3-1) point guard Lyndel viggintone and Salome Young proceeded due to injuries.

The eight scholarship players went to Mauvi as an opener. The seven aggregates were located at a distance of 10 km from Agregotto.

The Iowa State is led by Mariel Shiak, with 19 points.

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