Friday , May 7 2021

Scientists detect the source of strange geographic spectrum in the Indian Ocean – Report


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Initially the geographic signal puzzling scientists was apparently the production of undersea volcanic activity, such as caldera's inflation or deflation or just below the ocean floor, the movement of magma

Dedicated earthquake has apparently manifested the nature of odd earthquakes, which are located in the vicinity of Mayotte, which is a French island located between the mainland Africa and Madagascar in the Mozambique Channel.

Earlier in November, scientists had broken through the discovery of low frequency tremor, which sent "earthquake ropes around the surface of most planets".

And now, an independent earthquake adviser, Anthony Lomax, told Daily Mail that almost "rabels" were almost certainly "due to the volcanic eruption of low-lying water in the Northeast of Mayotte".

Lomks explained that "the inflation / collapse and collapse of volcano Calderaz, and the magma movement under volcanism can produce different types of geographic signals, in which long periods and repeated waves, such as on November 11."

These mysterious rumblings were first detected on 11th November, with lower frequency waves triggering away the sensor miles from their original point but at the same time left undetected by local people.

Between May and November this year, Mayotte Island was struck by a series of low level earthquakes, in which the magnitude of May 15 was seen with magnitude 5.8 magnitude.

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