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Server: David vs. Goliath Rehahap: Idol Poulouse

This season is missing any Survivor. You know. I know it. You know the name of all the terrible allies like Brochises, Strike Force, Rock Stars, Torgebreds, Mason Dexons. Even if I put my finger first. After all, it shows as any other season. We have blindness, mirror, eyes, eyes, and tears.

More tears.

Even More Tears.

But there is one thing this season is not: Sholi. Where is Lilly? Much more every season Survivor One is great. You know the delay – that part of any season (usually about 3 weeks long, sometimes a little more, sometimes more), but that action has slowed down a bit before it can be backed up. Horror is like a superhero serial killer: You know this, but you do not know exactly when. So you're seriously awaiting … wait … waiting … then the phone rings. You will take it, make calls inside our inside !!!!!

That's the habit. The hell is terrible. I hope you can do it all beyond that, overcome this and see another blind person. But here's the strange thing The Savior: David, and Goliath. Lily does not. I am not A +++ for each episode in this season. This is not very much Kagayan – In the best season season season, in my book (the first season is not countless, because it's not quite an advantage) – I'm not sure of it Pearl Islands, The Amazon, Palau, Or China. But there was something wrong with each episode. Each episode has retained it. In each story it seems as if the story is moving forward. Yes, cast is good, but editing and storytelling are better. Add all, what do you have? No banner.

Now, of course, it's not true that the pessimism of stress is not natural to worry. Perhaps the next 3 weeks may have been shot in a big reward journey to Snoozeville, USA. We'll see. But this season was very important. (In the long interview I originally made this week in the morning, I spoke to Prob, I encourage you to check that out.)

Anyway, my long approach to telling me this is another awesome episode of the week, so now we can take everything, because you believe I have thoughts.

After the previous Tribal Council, we continued to seize "Red Hand" for the jurors to control Elizabeth. She tells her tribes that "the moment of a weakness is not a moment of strategity." Then they tell us that the second does not believe her. But another Goliyath is facing problems. Mike is concerned about the new Strike Force alliance. The disappearance of the 1980s GI Joe Prikul cartoon. Before the return of the Davids game, they will return to that number before returning to the tribal lines. This is a legitimate concern, one that is easily solved, then we get it later.

But when you find out about Davids, Davy and Nick about any help they know – help in the form of a statue or assistant. Then most surely they will find it. Recall that last week I pointed out, showing a picture of a palm tree on a candle flowing at the sign that "is all you need for Merzie"?

It's not a signal to the players when a camera is such a thing that is worth a look, which is a point of view. When Davy and Nici covered the same camp, they confirmed that the camp was running around. Am I wondering whether this image's mark has been placed at the same mark, or is it no later that the sign is just a signal? I guess it is because someone who hints it out of tip to better televised than the caption of the footer. So my guess is not marked Was it One hint, the developers went on a precise signal of the B Plan plan.

There is nothing wrong with producers doing it, on the way. Everyone had the opportunity to find out. There was no comedy business. Think of the hint that the contestants give you to find a match. If you do not get them in the first indication, you have to give another. Remember: They reveal these generations because they want these qualities and feelings on products. So if the icon did not joke, it was a backup plan. At least that is my assumption (or why, why not place this sign)?

Anyway, Davie finds it and shares it with Nick, and this is definitely bad, since Nick is in a separate partnership at this stage. You get things later More When car tags and Davies emerge, a riot is made like a kind of martial arts. Next cottage kid.

Nick to play on this game or not? He took away the call and tells of his villainy to Nick. When Davy arrives with his bad palette, no one says anything, my favorite thing about Davy. His resistance to the disadvantage of his image – is quite different from Instagram selphies, which are practically their own defensive toys and utensils, rather than these booths. (The fact that Davids will divide their votes into the Tribal may be that I may be able to give Davis a proclamation if he is playing as his villain on that night or why?

Turn off the challenge we go to, and see this one familiar Australian Surveyor This new challenge has been done by fans for an international edition of fans. Six bands are placed in the sandbags by connecting the two horns above their heads. When a bag drops, the hat and the drop are lost, the team gets a dozen pistols.

Recently, it's slightly different from the OCI version. If each player was good enough, their bag climbed to a team. In this edition, there were eight bags for six players, each team should be dismissed every 15 minutes. I like these rules a bit more, because it added more tricks. For example, you decide that Mike is your weakest team member. That's 15 minutes later, especially in the last two to three minutes, there must be a smart game to bounce two bags as fast as possible – before dismissing him to save the weapons of the people going forward.

Whether it's either way, Brugge is an interesting challenge combined with power and strategy, and that's the only thing that can make it as good as possible. At one point, Hot Cup Dan began to take three 10 pounds of bags on his hand, and encouraged the team to try it out. Still, after a few moments (at least in the edit), Dan pulled out the dance of one of his bands, challenging his team, Survivor: NicaraguaIn the moments of the tribal councils, the notorious "Bery here, the baby!" A moment. (Watch the video to imagine this classic moment in the joyous glory of all bounds.

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