Monday , January 18 2021

Snow on ice, ice pellets, environment warns Canada on Monday

In the cold and wet weeks on Monday evening, the city will have to face cold rains, starting Friday.

A special statement from the Environment Canada warned that the combination of "ice bands sometimes mixed with ice tablets" mixes in Toronto for noon in the afternoon. The cold rain will occur after evening evening, the agency said.

Get it umbrella and keep them tight - Environment Canada says Monday afternoon is going to hit the city with some cooling rains.
Get it umbrella and keep them tight – Environment Canada says Monday afternoon is going to hit the city with some cooling rains. (Bernard Weil / Toronto Star File Photo)

Senior weatherman Mark Schuster said that the rains in the areas of the air will be very hard. 401. Like Von and Markham The temperature is forecast to be at 0 °, which is likely to be cooler than the air in the early morning -16C, so to fall above.

"If there is no rain in the afternoon, it seems that it will last for an hour or two and then the break will come," Schuster said. "It can be just the amount of ice trace, maybe maximum two centimeters."

But the Schuster has also said with the minimum density of snow, that the weather agency is warning drivers to be slower and easier on the road.

"With Toronto, it only takes one centimeter to create traffic problems," Schuster said.

Not all bad in the remaining weeks, though. Monday's wet, icy condition will make a way for the heat on Tuesday, the shoester says it will become the hottest point of the week at 6 cm temperature.

It will still be wet – Environment Canada predicts afternoon with 60 percent chance of rain, with some hurricanes being 30 km away. 50km / hour / Hour will increase.

But all good things must end. The temperature in the night decreases to -4c and the GTA can also see some light flares, the agency predicts.

Wednesday will continue on Wednesday, while the temperature will remain at 0 ° C. Will remain

At this point, do not stay out of the night without some significant layers of clothing. On Wednesday night, it will go down to -9c This week will be the last night in which there is a flurry's chance, but things are only likely to get colder.

On Thursday, when the environment predicts Canada's Sky Sky, the temperature will be around -5c during the day and during the night the actual cool-up to -12c

On Friday, it will go up to slightly hypothetical-6C and do not worry about going out for the night, where it will be around -10c, it's too cold to get any pleasure.

When things seem to be cool this week, Schuster said that the temperature is believed to be up to this year's present. Generally the average is -10c, he said.

Schuster states that "At this point there does not seem to be an extended period of extreme cold on the horizon," the weather added that the weather might still be up or down in the next few weeks.

Premila D Sa Taara is a Breaking News Reporter working in Toronto's Star Radio Room. Follow her on twitter: @remela_dsa

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