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SpaceX can not catch the Falling Nose cone – but it still plans to reuse it

SpaceX Just Misses Rocket Nose Con Catching - but still plans to reuse it

The net-equipped boat of SpaceX, the cruise on the seashore of Mr. Steven, California. SpaceX uses a fast boat to try to catch falling payload fairings, each of which costs $ 6 million. Mr. Steven has not yet succeeded in replying to fying, but he has often come close.

Credit: SpaceX by Twitter

The SpaceX rocket did not catch the nose cone which went back to Earth during today's epic projection, but the company plans to reuse any $ 6 million in any way.

Both parts of the protective payload rotation surrounding the 64 satellites mounted on Monday (Dec 3rd) by the two small aviation spaceX Falcon 9 rocket ignores the company's fast, purely equipped boat, Mr. Steven. Instead the parts were released in the Pacific Ocean.

According to Alon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX, it is not a deal-breaker for re-use. [Launch Photos: SpaceX Falcon 9 Lofts 64 Satellites (and Lands) on Historic 3rd Flight]

"The Falcon Ferring hole missed the net but touched the water slowly, Mr. Steven was selecting him, drying them up and restarting the plan, something was not wrong with some swim." Ms told by TwitterAbout 90 minutes after the Falcon 9 was lifted from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on the "SSO-A: Smallset Express" missions.

The Falcon 9 ferrilling hole is equipped with parachutes and small throwers, which help nose cones make soft sea landings. SpaceX has attempted to clean the debris of marine water gear on many occasions with Mr. Steven on Everest's conclusion, but the boat has missed the grip every time.

Some of these are very close, Mr. Steven is just a few hundred feet away from the Splashdown site. So, there is something different about this recovery, it's awkward – why SpaceX plans to reuse this switch but it has passed through to others. (The mask did not explain that at the time of this article.)

Recovery for SpaceX is a key priority, aimed at frequent and repeated repeat of its space vehicles. This will reduce the cost of the spaceflights, potentially speaking boldly, such as the settlement of Mars, will likely be economically feasible, said the mask.

Today's launch was a landmark in this launch, the Falcon 9 was launched for the first time that it was launched on three rotation missions for the first time. (SpaceX did not fly again at the top of the two-stage rocket and there is no plan to do this in the future, as the mask recently said.)

The first phase can still fly again; It continues its landing today, the dragon is coming down slowly on the deck of the ship "Done Jeep Reed Your Installation", which was located in the Pacific Ocean.

SSO is also significant for the number of satellites; 64 During a single projection So far the largest of soil. The overall record is 104, which was set up in February 2017 by the Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

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