Tuesday , January 26 2021

Strikes on the early morning on Wednesday morning caused fatal injuries

Police say that on Wednesday morning in the morning in Delta, she was fatal to a woman at the age of 20 while walking on the road.

Female woman in rural Delta at 10200 block of Horny Drive at 6:30 pm PT Then it was walking eastwards with only one step.

Two vehicles were traveling west, and the police say there were several vehicles on the side of the road.

One of the vehicles in the west was dragged on the shoulder, while on the other side it was moved to pass, and the police say that when a woman was killed.

Delta Police's Spokarspinson Chris Lecauf said that "the driver remained at the scene and was fully cooperating with the police."

Lechouf said that the speed limit on the expansion of the road is 80 km. / Hour, and there is no indication that the driver is fast or impaired.

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