In a video posted later by Tori LaNanez, the NYC Subway praised her on Tikashi 6ix9ine while waiting for the trial. You can recognize artists in question that the films themselves call Tim Hen Reverea, his "spiritual leader" in a WWE-themed Wrestling match in the NY subway system.

Stops have a habit of copying famous celebrities like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Undertaker while they take part in their Subway Wrestling Invitation. These matches are often "Royal Rumble" variations, in which new attendees are added to each subway stop. How do Tim and Company determine the winner? Based on what I've seen, wrestlers can be removed by counting 1-2-3, and in some cases, often in less time, when they open the door, they thrown out of the train. Simple enough, right?

In his praise of Takashi 6ix9ine, Troop was away with "Royal Rumble" conditions to incorporate "hip-hop oriented dance elements". As you can see (below), troupe members worn as WWE legends (Brett Hart, Stone Cold, Referee, etc.) perform a medley dance on Takes 6ix9ine's new hit song "Waka", while the rear members "free 6ix9ine" icons. The first RKO finisher submits mid-dance after the video submerses in chaos. Check out.