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The & # 39; Walking Dead & # 39; Star New Rick Grimes gives details of the movie

Polina McIntoosh, who acted as Jadis-Slash-Anne Walking Dead Prior to being escaped with a serious helicopter Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in the middle of the helicopter by Season Nine, "things are in the process" on the trick of Rick-headed television films being monitored by Chief Content Officer Scott Jamil.

After attending the Fan Fest San Jose at the end of the week, Mcintosh said that after admitting her in November, her involvement in the films "can be very clear by assuming" she knew a little about a safe project.

"We're going to see where Rick is, so she'll be there," said Macintosh, hoping to be involved. "Nowadays the process is going on, it's amazing. I'm not ready to leave it yet."

McIntosh reported last month that she does not yet watch the script, but the actress feels as to where the story is moving, the Fan Fest states that "the community has more understanding [the helicopter group] It came from and I'm going with them. "

The court said earlier EW Lincoln will not return to the television series and will be involved in the trilogy associated with at least the first movie because it was piloting the helicopter in unknown parts.

The film will give detailed information about the "legendary myth" behind the well-equipped helicopter group and will present answers to the "A" and "B" classifications, used by Rick, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) Is done. . The same group was responsible for the extinction of MIA Heath (Corey Hawkins), who finally saw in season seven episode "Soar".

The mystery surrounding the helicopter community that ended with Rick – is now believed to be dead for six years Walking Dead, Where he meets Brother Daryl (Norman Reids), Lover Mikon (Daan Gurira) and children Juddith (Keighley Fleming) and R.J. Shocked by (Antoni Ezor) – a plot that has been silently published over the years, which is gimpled as a tool for writing Lincoln without killing Rick Grimes.

"It was also a little suspicious [the writers’ room], What it was about. Shornner Angela Kang said that she had let me stay in some of them sometime last year THR.

"We went with a nice good knowledge about the intentions behind the helicopter this season and where it will go forward."

It leads to the first Rick Grimes film, now it's a start to the production of 2019.

"I'm just very hard at work for the first time, and most of the time I'm filming next year, though I'm just worried about the time-mark markers, so I will not tell you exactly because it will just pass me out," Jill said EW.

Jimmell added that the films will not be made on "television schedules" saying that the films will be "sooner than later".

"The facility will remain on the schedules, and they are going to grow, so they can take a minute," he said.

Walking Dead Returned to AMC on 10th Sunday, with the last part of February 10

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