Sunday , May 9 2021

The DUI in Tesla may be associated with suspicious autopilot

Palo Alto, CA. – In California, police arrested a man who drank alcohol in his Tesla and fell asleep, when he was going down the highway in autopilot mode around 70 miles.

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About 3:30 am Friday, California Highway Patrol officials were driving south on Tesla model Sane Highway 101. Officials were pulled along the vehicle, which traveled at speeds of 70 miles and the driver Alexander Saimake allegedly saw the sleeping. According to California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Art Montil, the CHP Then both the lights and Syrences attempt to awaken the rebel, but it was "unresponsive."

Assuming that the vehicle was in autopilot mode, officials finally stopped the vehicle by driving ahead of Tesla and gradually slowly slowly stopped the car slowly and slowly.

The vehicle stopped in the middle of the highway, and then the officials tried to lift the truck.

"The officials contacted Tesla and tried to wake up Samemak by pressing on the window and giving verbal commands. Samak wakes up and evacuated from Tesla and placed behind the petrol car and carried the freeway at the Shell station on the Amberkadero road on West Besher Road, while another official moved from Freeway to Tasla , "According to Montreal

At the gas station, the Sami Fields failed the Sobriety test and were arrested on suspicion of the DUI suspicion.

According to Kron 4 The CHP said in a statement that he has not yet confirmed that the autopilot is involved:

"Driver Assistance" facility was activated at this time, but considering the vehicle's ability to slow the stop when we are asleep, we can not support it at the time, it seems that at the time & # 39; Driver Assistance & # 39 ; The feature can be activated. "

California Highway Patrol posted the details of the incident on their Facebook page:

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