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The FCA boss says that the next dodge will be electrified to Challenger

People still dump the cool old school of the car like Challenger, because the sale actually increased, while the sale of Mastang and Cameras was hit in 2018. It has been said that the new FCA boss Mike Menley said that things will change in the electric way. In the report by the next generation, Detroit News. "Actually they are platforms and the technology that we need to use needs to be forwarded. They can not exist in the mid-2020s. The new technology is going to increase the weight, so we can think of the powertrains. In a different way And we can use electrification to actually make those vehicles supplemented. "

News of electrified muscle car is not new at this point. Ford says it will release Mastang Hybrid in 2020. And Al Oppenheimer (former chief engineer of chemistry) is going to the electric division of GM, you better believe that Chevrolet is working on an electrified version of Cameron. However, the FCA and the Dodge coming towards this type of move are the first strongest evidence.

What Malie said is the next thing that we all know to be true, but still a little heartbreaking. "I think electrification will definitely be part of the formula that says what the American muscle is in the future. What's not going to happen is the V8, supercharged, 700-horsepower engine," says Menley.

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<p>Although it's a little stupid, we all prefer Helka for the 707 horsepower V8. Apparently, many others also do, because a more mad version of the car cracks out with Dodge Reddy and Damon. For how much electricization the dodge muscle car will receive, Manley will not give detailed details. However, he says that electrification "can not be an impressive part." It should be a little comforting to all those who might disappear from the gasoline engine in American muscle cars. As Dodge Muscle reluctant to wander from the original objective of the car, it is not difficult to imagine the challenger / charger to go full-electric. 48-Volt systems or a plug-in hybrid will supplement the gas engines provided when we see the first electrified challenger.</p>
<p>The transition to an electrified vehicle is ultimately the pressure that the dodge needs to move away from the ancient platforms that are currently being used – a platform based on parts of the Mercedes W-210 platform developed in the mid-2000s, a platform developed in the mid-2000s. Thereafter significant updates and refreshes have been made, but it is still in the U.S. The oldest earnings in a vehicle sold in</p>
<p>In the coming years we will hear more from this, but now it is far ahead to think. Mid -2020 is a long way from 2019, so your 700-plus horsepower, supercharged, fear-inspired V8 is safe for the times.</p>
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