Tuesday , August 16 2022

The first Columbia University to allow smoking in the Cambridge University campus


The first Columbia University to allow smoking in the Cambridge University campus

The University of Canada's Columbia University will become the first university in the world to legalize smoking and will submit Gaza to this goal. Last month, after the sale and sale of entertainment in Canada, the University Committee launched a draft policy called "Smoking and Smoking Promotion Promotion" on campus.

Draft policy has been created for community consultation. The final call will be taken in February. "We believe that any people you kurrakrtyamakkumpeal, lead him to believe that you do olittavalatte kilvalakkattilekk work. However, there is no meaning and can not decide for itself. Evaluate the policy of the University of British Columbia campus, and grace that Cliff Yu.bi.si. advisor in hubart Lei said. He said the e-mail interview.

According to the policy, smoking anywhere is prohibited anywhere in the smoking camp of Cannabao, except for Ghassobos. The ban and farming practices will be banned. "In the campus a person does not have bigger giants than the federal law, which is like 30 grams of dried ganja or 450 ganja edibles.

As long as all storage containers contain the ganja or ganja product, Lai said that the ganja may collect in your private area in your bedroom and collect it not to make it difficult for other residents. Smoking will not be allowed in classrooms, student residences, UBC vehicles, bus shelters and other places on campus.

The use of unpleasant goods, including alcohol and cannabis, can not be used before or after the working hours of the university under the policy. "Medical authority for using cannabis should not be allowed to work in grocery or employee rights do not include the right to be a victim, but the employees, the resident or the needy, advise their supervisors to recommend the medical requirements. The use of unauthorized use may not be intimidated, resulting in discipline, "said Lai.

"However, in accordance with federal law, individuals older than 19 years of age may be able to give or give cannabis to other people over the age of 19, and the amount of cannabis is not allowed to get such a person," he added.

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