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The National Ballet of Anna Naleri's Natali dats is gone

American Native German dancer John Nemi is not as novice as a move. It's not what makes him an important rehearter of the character. Futuristic use of the partnership for exotic themes. Without a spoon, the heart of a story makes us plough. His Nijinsky, For example, the ballot has exploited what naturally the psychological and history has led – through which time and place it passes through time.

Keep track of Nemier's visionary association and worry you will see cracks in his dance numbers. This is one of the issues related to the long and supernatural imitation of Tolstoy Anna Carina, On Saturday night, the National Ballet received its North American broadcast. Production from Tchaikovsky to modern Alfred Shannat to Cat Stevens Production is only an expression of the product. In Toni, the activity is moving from high story to camp comedy. In contemporary Russia, there are corrupt oligarchs and luxury homes. Levin's farmers are still growing farms.

Harrison James, and Smuttlana Lungina in Anna Karenina.

Kiran West

There are still powerful clothes in Numri. He has designed a beautifully durable set of contemporary cozy designs (the honeymoon of minus Anna) designed by Fashion Acres Albert Kriemler. The ballot opens with a political rally for Kerrin. There will be interesting results created by a wall of posters raised to the raters. But it is clear that the Nameri dance style is a different game than its normal creations. Dancing is more manageable, technical details are not available; For example, Karen, whose head dramatically, has words we can not hear. Later, when her presence is in her house, her dance form moves on a uniform axis. She pulls her back in her arms. This effect was not impressive. It's a start that Niemier is preparing to take steps to fill his scenes and fill them.

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Count Vronskiy, a little shallow character in Tolstoy's rendering, had a novel disillusion with Anna's relationship. The ballet has done well to depict the intensity of inflammatory and physical chemistry, but Nemini does not see their love in a bloodstream. The momentous moment of the train station is the lady's first moment, but after that, the choreography becomes sexy and worn. Pass D-DUE is full of complex mechanics. Nameer emphasized the idea of ​​an undesirable attraction without portraying and portraying two original people.

Delivery was very bad when different tensions broke out. When her husband Stevik doli finds herself in bed with the nurse, she has a hysterian joke, which is leaps and carelessly left limp. The FIG Maciq (A worker) is crushed under a train – predicted by Anna's fate – a fluorescent orange jumping suit appears over and over again throughout the ballroom. The convention is reminiscent of the hunts of Djigili's Nigizzes, but there is no such morale or impact here. Anna's fear is not enough about this symbol of death, and Gimmick seems to reassure him. In Act 2, when Wrangsick and Anna take a stay in Italy, the dawn appears again and starts with bitterness – after that in French. This is one of many balconies hanging like a loose thread.

Svetlana lungina in Anna Karenina.

Kiran West

Tolstoy devotees may particularly interfere with how the Neyyar traveled to Lewin Diwali. In the novel's moral spine, Levi is transformed into a country in his hometown and leather trousers, unable to walk straight away. Before the introduction of a hockey solo of Cat Stevens, the first one, The shadow of the moonHe repeatedly upheld his hands while worshiping his goddess.

Thinking about a woman, Noumair tried to avoid further commenting on the outfit of another girl. Kitti's health status is located (where are the Russians in the 21st century?) Where they pierce the body from the floor. Lewin enters the girl and makes him feel uncomfortable. She is completely unhappy with her suffering. Is this funny? More evidence suggests that we're in a post-modern order, where there is a problem of laughing: A video of the same image is displayed on the screen along with that activity, waiting closer to Kit and Levin. But if this bullfight revolves around the hardships of contradictions, it will be understood by everyone. Anna Hazare will soon be giving birth to an unauthorized baby.

Problems continue. A company member (ie, a senior man) in the dress of Anna's son moves at the top of his mother and shakes his head between his legs – Oedipal insemination is fun but no solution. Vronsky injured lacrosse game (in the novel, it's a steeplechase) is too long choreographically fun.

On Saturday afternoon, headlong roller intensity as the Sweet Lunkina allowed choreography to bring too much emotional details. Heena Ogden's Sunday Maine performance was as strong as Anna's reluctance and comfort. Despite the talents and commitment of these good dancers, Neemiar's designs softened.

On November 18, four seasons will be continued at the center.

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