Thursday , January 21 2021

The new Spotify feature allows you to mute artists

Spottyfe has confused a new feature that allows users to block any artist from playing automatically in playlists, charts, radio or users' personal libraries. Billboards Points out This feature is available to turn on and off in every artist page's menu bar. Once the artist has been blocked, then Spotify will prevent the songs performed by the artist, even if it is listed in any playlists

The artist is unable to track the work on someone's song (i.e., the song is listed as "Fit Artist" in the title), but when not credited as the primary artist. The block facility is currently available to access the Spotify Mobile App, but has not yet extended to desktop app or web player versions. Pichfork has reached the spotlight representatives for more information.

Last year, as part of the Hate content and harmful practice policy, XXX Tantasian and R. Kelly removed the music by its editorial and algorithmic playlists. Following the reactions of users and industry players, the streaming giant runs after several weeks and restores artist music to playlists. The new Spotify facility comes in between the height of the #mutural movement.

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