Tuesday , January 26 2021

The plan to buy moon in Europe: Media – Xinhua

London, Jan 23 (Xinhua) – European Space Agency (ISA) is planning to mineralize minerals from the Moon level, Daily Mail said on Monday.

The rocket manufacturer Aryan Group has signed an EAAA plan to develop a plan for a radolith plan on the Moon. According to the report, it is hoping to remove water and oxygen from the fire, which provides fuel and other materials needed for more research missions.

"As the ISA and other agencies are ready to send humans back to the moon – at this time – the technology that uses the materials available in space, the key to sustainability, and a stepping stone in Mars's journey into the human race and the system to move forward in the sun," the ESL said in the Mail.

Arian hopes that the 4-Booster version of Arian 6, Arian 6 will enable this European mission to take the necessary equipment for the moon landing.

The rocket manufacturer also works with German early PTS scientists, which will provide Chandra Lander and Belgian company Space Application Services, which will provide ground control facilities, telecommunications and associated service operations.

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