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The Supreme Court has ordered the arrest of a woman and a ticket to conduct an escalator


The Canada Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to hear a case of arrest of a woman arrested after being caught by a woman escorted to a hunt.

Bela Kosianyan subway station was located in Lavalin's Montreal Subway station in 2009. A police officer told a picagogrine to be called "handrail hold".

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The word "careful" has been described as "a talent" as part of an obligation. She refused to stop handler, and she was upset with even refusing to recognize herself.

According to the records of the court, the officers of the Officer's Accidental Accident, when they came to the bus stand, Has done.

In the case of a ticket, the Cossier took custody of 30 dollars to sign $ 100 for each ticket and $ 320 for blocking the job of an inspector.

In 2012, Montréal municipal court sentenced two accused, repeatedly filing a $ 45,000 case in Montréal-Trident Corporation, Lane City, Fabio Camacho.

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In 2017 the Quebec Court and the Quebec Court Appeal dismissed the court's appeal. "The writer of his own tragedy," said Kozonia.

The issue will now be in the High Court.

"It's good news," said Aoyar Missakilla, a Cosian lawyer. The appeal of the Appeal Court became a dangerous precedent.

"There is a law and a sincere policeman who decides to punish a party on the basis of this law can withstand all responsibilities, and this is clearly seen as contrary to the basic principles of law," he said.

In the Court of Appeal, Justice Julie Dutte wrote: "There were reasonable grounds for believing that there was a mistake." Defended his decision to prevent her from being "prevented from recognizing" herself and preventing her from being "self-evident".

According to a comment by Justice Mark Schragher, the "honest and wrong faith" of the officer's office to prevent the responsibilities is not enough.

He concluded, "A warning." One who saw it said, "There was no liability to hold a hand-held handler in the risk of fraud."

The Montréal Transit Corpus or the City of Lava was soon not ready to comment on the decision of the Supreme Court hearing the case.

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