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The threat from Hacker: $ 857 in Bitcoin or your & # 39; Secret & # 39; Offer to the public


One of the cyber experts in Canada or the United States is fisheries. But the conservative has estimated that hundreds of individuals and companies accept.

There are two types of fishing: Target type, also called spray and prize, also known as sphere phishing. Secondly, a hacker becomes a company's president or chief financial officer and provides emails to a junior accounting executive in the same institution. For instance, a company must pay 50,000 dollars as part of a specific project.

"One of us is making a deal and it will not be announced until next week," said Brian Bone, co-founder of Black Art Illumainen. Bring up information technology professionals in Canada. To defeat hackers. "The calculator is below three levels, and that's fine, and it's good for me as it is my boss's head."

It's easy to see an email from a well-known and reliable source. Some of the safeguards are that e-mails were used to send e-mails in a simple mail transfer protocol (SMPT) in 1970.

Anatomy and invisibility of spray and invitation of spam attacks have helped them get the most out of their target passwords. After receiving some emails I took an interest.

Today there are 5 billion email accounts around the world, each holder is a password that the account owner chooses. From time to time, poorly-held applications have been pushed up, and emails and passwords are at risk. NetNight site is one of the biggest mistakes linking in 2012. 167 million e-mailed email certificates are now available only with special software as part of the World Wide Web. Hackers have been hacked by other hackers, including MySpace. A hacked 360 million user accounts in 2013, Ashley Madison 30 million emails and passwords

(The e-mail address and password are still in the hot sun, let's see if you have information with them, and I'm a free service for Australian Web Security Troy Troy Hunt.

In response to the public, LinkedIn and other sites have increased security protocols and forced accounts have been reset. The problem is that many people use the same password again for other sites, according to security experts.

Enter our hacker with my old password.

When I received the email from hacker, I remembered a special password that I had "pulled in." Other people who have received similar emails have similar reminders. Only a password for a site is used, which is frequently changed and will not be specified – for example, do not use your dog's name.

"Hello!" I went to my inbox on Monday evening, October. I felt like a friendly friend.

"A hacker who broke your email and device a few months ago provided you with a password on one of the sites you visited, which I blocked, you will change or change it, but my malware has been updated all the time."

Hacker emails his e-mail as my own e-mail. If not, it looked like that. This is called "spoofing".

My hacker is just about eight million dollars. He gave helpful suggestions on how to use Google to know how to pay a bitcoin "wallet".

I will take 48 hours to make a payment, and if all this does not happen, all of your contacts will be shot out of your dark secret, "Hacker wrote.

The hacker carried out repeated claims, and all the fake came out. One, if he had uploaded a "malicious code" in your operation system, our safety technology says in Toronto Star.

Although cyberbullying experts provide this ransom, these hackers can not access your account, camera or your browsing history on your phone (clicking on links in email could be malware uploaded to your device).

My hacker had purchased a portion of linkedin data from two-wheelers – even $ 2,000, even experts say "phishing".

Particular advisory cyber specialists use special passwords, they should never be used, and they often change. The data is still there, and hundreds of mails and passwords are traded on the dark web.

"Every website is posted in a car forum or linked-in or Uber or Ashley Madison, or you're going to add a day's fall, or that credentials are posted on a dark website," Brown said, "that's a very common domain, your username and password you've used."

Depending on how many people crash in a phishing attack and shoppers, there is no reliable data and people do not keep moving forward without taking forward. There were a few arrests. Jordan's Ivan Blume (27) of the Tornhill Hills had been charged this year. She said 3 billion e-mail certificates were collected and sold on a dark web. Police alleged that he had collected 247,000 passwords. The case is under the consideration of the court.

Canada and the Bilatero last week: the same e-mail from a hacker – but in French.

First Hacker Email text:


A few months ago, I was a hacker who broke your email and equipment.

You entered a password on one of the sites you visited, and I blocked it.

This is your password at the moment of the hack: (removed)

Of course you can change it, or have already changed it.

But it does not matter, every time my malware has been updated.

Do not try to find me or find me to contact me, it's impossible since you send an email from your account.

I have sent a malicious code to your Operating System through your e-mail.

All your contacts, friends, colleagues, relatives, and full history of visits to the internet resources have been saved.

You've long spy on installing a Trojan on your device.

You're my one-time victim, I usually lock the computers and ask for a ransom.

But I've been tired of the content of the content you visit often.

I am shocked by your fantasies! I have never seen anything like this!

So when you're enjoying interesting sites (and you know what I'm doing!)

I've screenshot using my program from your device's camera.

Then I added the content of the site that I just saw them.

There will be laughter when these photos are sent to your contacts!

But I'm sure you will not need it.

So I hope for you for silence.

I think 857 $ is an acceptable price!

Pay with Bitcoin.

My Btc Waltz: (Removed)

If you do not know how to do this – enter the Google "How To Pay Money in a Bitcoin Wallet". This is not a difficult task.

After receiving the specified amount, all your data will be automatically destroyed. My Virus will remove itself from your operating system.

My Trojan has auto alert, if you read this email, I know it!

I will pay 2 days (48 hours) to make a payment.

If this does not happen – all of your contacts have been shot out of your dark secret life

So you're not blocking it, your device will be blocked (after 48 hours)


Policemen and friends will not help you …

p.s. I can give advice in the future. Do not enter your passwords in unsafe sites.

I hope for your discretion.


Kran Donovan is the Toronto Investor Chief Investigative Reporter. He can reach 416-312-3503 or at [email protected]. Follow him on @_kevindonovan

Kran Donovan is the Toronto Investor Chief Investigative Reporter. He can reach 416-312-3503 or at [email protected]. Follow him on @_kevindonovan

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