Tuesday , January 19 2021

The woman who sent a clear picture of Tony Clement was actually two people in Africa, the police say

"Agreed woman" MP Tony Clement sent sexually explicit images online, which leads to extortion scandals, it is believed to be two men in West Africa, RCMP says.

Ch. And D.L.L. Early familiar men, allegedly by the name "Brianna's Donia", are allegedly called a white woman by the name of Lankidin and Instagram. Police say that they used fake identities to attract Clement and later blackmailed them on photos and videos sent to the account. Clement was allegedly threatened that images and videos would be released if it had not paid 50,000 euros. A French citizen was also allegedly fired by suspected people.

Ivory Coast Cyber ​​Crime Unit arrested two men last month.

An arrest document published by the Cyber ​​Crime Unit states that arrests have been made in collaboration with international partners and authorities in two victims countries. The unit says that the suspected DMA has completed the jail term for the same crime in the Ivory Coast.

In a statement of the national post, RCMP said: "As a result of excellent collaborative efforts with its internal law enforcement partners, we can ensure that two people have accused this file in Ivory Coast. The national department RCMP continues to work with its international partners in this regard No further comments will be made at this time. "

The news of alleged extortion broke in November, when Clement was then a member of Conservative Caucus, publicly believed to be Blackmail.

RCMPA started investigations and Clement resigned from the post of Conservative Shadow Cabinet. At that time, Clement was also a member of the National Security and Secretariat Secretariat Committee.

Two suspected persons arrested last month in the Ivory Coast in the alleged extortion case involving former Conservative MP Tony Clement. Suspicious people are just cha And D.L.L. Is initial by

In 2015, when Clement served as the cabinet minister for Stephen Harper, the federal government was awakened to the "romance scandals" coming out of the Ivory Coast. At a high risk of identity theft, Canadians publicly warned "to be careful and avoid sharing personal information with foreigners."

A few days after Clement's announcement, many young women told social media that they interact with Clement on social media, in which they liked their pictures even after following their accounts and knowing their pictures personally.

Sophie Gephros told Global News that Clement started following her at social media after meeting her at a convention at the age of 18. She said she would like to pick up many of her photos, including beach trips.

Two women in the early twenties told the Toronto Star anonymously that they have shared sexual relationships with Clement, which includes explicit images, videos and exchange of messages.

A woman was told that Star Clement knows that someone has "hacked" her social media accounts, in June 2018. She asked her to remove any of her recordings of her interactions and she agreed. She also said that, after a short time she had approached the Instagram account that Clement has misbehaved with many women on social media.

The second woman also said that she had been approached by Instagram and she was offered money to relay details of her relationship with Clement.

Due to the news of Clement's infidelity, he was fired from the Conservatives Caucus and he made a second public apology that despite "agreeing" on those things, he was "completely false". Despite being appealed by women in Parry Sound-Muskas' rides, Clement, who has married lawyer and writer Lynne Golding, with whom she has three children, continues to serve as independent.

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