Thursday , January 21 2021

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Web Desk: Fox News Report, a haircut woman Estelle's hair has almost doubled in size after a fatal allergic reaction near her hair.

The 19-year-old affected woman said she had a 'light-bulb head' after applying her hair dye. Is there.

According to him, the chemical in the color known as paraffanillium (PPP) results in its allergic reaction. PPD is known to be present in chemical dark-colored hair color and makeup.

Young people claim that Dyna applied a small amount to check the first product. However, colored "immediate" facial inflammation leads to scalp inflammation.

She also took medical help but she did not work and continued swelling. The next morning, his head increased 24.8 inches from the 22 inches average size, and his tongue also blossomed.

According to reports, the girl had trouble breathing and was taken to an emergency room where the adrenaline shot was given to her. It was kept under observation at the overnight hospital. After this swelling was reduced. Estelle, who can survive the misery of every user, said, "I almost died. I do not want this to happen to others."

Allergic reactions can be fatal because they are capable of complexity, such as broken muscle tissue, known as rabdomomyelis, respiratory distress and furore failure, among side effects.

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