Friday , May 7 2021

The WWE is a big disappointment for the Indy Wrestling Sean

WWE always wants to expand their empire and they just do not stop at # 1. NXT has opened the eyes of WWII, which is in Indie wrestling scenes and is a passionate fan of the superstars. Therefore, singers such as Rezid, Walter and Keith Lee have been released in recent months.

This tendency is obviously responsible for comparing WWE to some contracts, which is considered to be a part of a quiet business movement.

But WWE indie is removing the top talent from wrestling scenes, it seems that Pro Wrestling Gorilla can be a major target, as WWE obviously aims at their champions. But Dave Meltzer explained on the Wrestling Observer radio that those disappointments are actually seen in the entire indie wrestling because WWE goes behind the scenes of the people behind the scenes.

"There are many disappointments, you know and not [PWG]. Throughout the Indy World, there is a lot of disappointment that WWE tries to get everyone. Not just wrestlers, but the people of production, anyone they can detect, they want talented because they are not there anybody who can help in the opposition. Just this Especially when there is at least one shot which will be a real protest, not like the effect that has never worked well to protest. "

Meltzer has noted that WWE will be able to plunge and now it will be a very interesting time between March and March 2019 for who will help in the new promotion. Although we previously informed that WWE is not very worried about the possibility of all-elit wrestling, it certainly seems to be signing many people of Indyes whether they are in-ring genius or not.

WWE also plans a few big things when WWF performance centers and world-specific NXT programs are meant to turn the world into their own system system. Therefore, WWE can understand many talented minds because they can be behind the scenes and even against the camera. While it may take a toll on the indie wrestling scene, it will probably open more spots for people who are thriving and making a name for themselves.

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