Monday , January 25 2021

To hit Alberta Highway is to be the largest load roll so far

Heavy loads to hit Alberta Highway have begun starting four-day crawl on Sunday night.

Petrochemical development equipment, called splitter, weighs more than 800 tons and is about 100 meters long.

Out of Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan is only four days away from the industrial heartland.

Alberta Transportation Minister says that most of the material used for making splitter was directly source from the province, which is proud.

"I am proud of all the people and companies working to advance our economy." Minister Brian Mason says that he apparently does not get annoyed away from big and challenging projects.

The loading load will go down the speed limit and can be pulled several times, the drivers behind it are expected to face the delay.

In some places along the planned route, the traffic will go against the flow of traffic because the streets will be blocked.

The emphasis is about the size of the CFL football area and the entire width of the two-lane highway, including the shoulder, will be used.

The route provided by the Alberta government is:

  • From east to 51 avenue on Roper Road

  • 75 south on the street

  • Anthony Hande Drive east on Whitemd Drive

  • Highway 14 on anthony hand drive south

  • On the highway 21 on the east side of Highway 21, south of the staging area and highway 14

  • Range 190 on east railway road

  • Range Road on North 190, Township Road 510

  • East to Township Road 510 to Highway 834

  • Highway 834 on Highway 15 on North

  • West to Lamont on the west 15th

  • Road to West 15 on the road up to 220

  • In North Range Road 220 petrochemical complex

511 Twitter account of Alberta also reminded motorists that the tower moves towards its final goal so delays are expected.

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