Tuesday , January 19 2021

Travers criticized Trevor Noah for tweeting for money for goods

Ottawa – After criticizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Twitter after celebrating a celebrity, Canada will contribute $ 50 million for one reason.

TruDe tweeted on the South African comedian and "The Daily Show" host of Trevor Noah that Canada could not relieve the education, education would promise $ 50 million for education funding for relief, natural disasters and other distressed children.

Trudez thanked Noah for celebrating the legacy of Nelson Mandela in the global civil ceremony, which is an initiative to end extreme poverty and says that he can not be sorry but offers to give money to support education for women and girls from around the world, "Work for you? Let's do that."

Twitter was quick to react.

Conservative leader Andrew Schreiber accused Troy for giving a $ 50 million commitment to Twitter to impress TV personality.

Shayer tweeted that taxpayers need defender, someone who throws money around to become popular with celebrities.

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