Travis Scott was one year hell. He spent most of his work on most of his new album, he and his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, together with their first child. Both of them are attracted to getting married in the future, but Travis Scott says that he needs a fire route to propose to her.

In the latest cover story of Rolling Stone with Travis Scott, Rapper shares some rare list with regards to the youngest of the Kardashian-Zener clan. Both of them recently bought their first home two months ago, but it seems they are getting ready for a wedding in the near future.

"We were just two kids, waist around, maybe, like, in the first week, you do not know whether it's real or flipping. Then in the second week you're like, & # 39; Hua, I'm still talking to her I am giving the answer, I am giving the answer. I have not left any thing to say. 'And he came to a point where I was, & # 39; I need to work with him. One. "He said.

Adding, "We'll get married soon. I just have to be tough – I have to make a proposal in the fire."

Rapper further said how many people could not understand their relationship. Despite the glaze and glam surrounding the life of Kei, Laughlin confirms that Keely's public persona is not exactly right in his personal life.

"I hate the camera, I do not like people in my business. Going to such situations, you think that it will be a full public fest. You never know. & # 39; Maybe it's all in the photo, or this and worry about it. . & # 39; And then you understand that the sweeteners are as common as possible, 'he said.' I realized what really is important for him, from which She does not have any shit Lender is the mother's character. "