Monday , January 25 2021

TrueDe says that Quebec immigration levels that can cut levels are not & # 39; time, and Trude says

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggests that Quebec should re-think its plan to cut the number of immigrants adopted each year.

The Coalition Avenue Quebec government had begun to announce plans to reduce the 20% of newcomers to newcomers, Trude said on Tuesday that he had heard from business owners who are concerned about the province's labor shortages.

Speaking in France, Ottawa told reporters, "I'm not sure this is the best time to reduce the number of people coming in."

The CQA, which is to provide details about its immigration plan on today afternoon, needs federal cooperation from the federal government to follow its federation's promise.

Quebec is the only jurisdiction on economic immigration, while Federal integration and refugee programs are supervised by the federal government.

Trude said on Tuesday that the quota with the province is under discussion.

The CQU wants to reduce the number of 40,000 immigrants to 50,000 next year this year.

Premiere François Legolt has argued that Quebec's current immigration policy is "a failure" and before bringing more, immigrants need to do more to ensure a job search.

During the election campaign, he suggested that the unemployment rate in the immigrants has been 15 percent or 5 years or less – almost 10 points higher than the general population.

Quebec Liberals want to discuss the QueQ's immigration plan but there is no discussion between members of the National Assembly, or voting, no need to set annual quota.

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