Friday , January 27 2023

Two men were arrested after a string of graffiti on the historic Old Streets' buildings


Edmonton Police Cruiser

File / Edmonton Journal

Edmonton Police arrested two people after graffiti appeared on several buildings around Eldomonton, which included historic buildings in Old Streathoconas.

The Princess Theater, Block 1912, and Farmers' Market of Old Strathocco were recently hit by what is called the "main graffiti series".

On Friday, the EPS news release said that 22-year-old men have been arrested by the police.

"We believe that these two people have caused much damage to the city, and have shown respect in some of the historic landmarks of Edmonton," EPS White Avenue said. Michael Kef, in a news release Friday.

The police continue the investigation as they believe others are involved in the graffiti tags.

Old Streetsco's business association and Capital City Clinic welcomed the arrest of arrests, saying that the affected business had to suffer financial costs due to corruption, while graffiti had to face negative public perceptions.

"The application of the Professional Cleaning Program of the Capital City Clean-up has increased from 160 to 230 in 2018, which is already 230 this year. Program Manager Don Balanger said with Capital City Clin Up, this tells us that more and more people suffer graffiti breakdown "Graffiti breakdown damages our communities and spends everyone."

The 22-year-old Devon Acqua, and Connor Hawkins, 22, each have to face more than $ 5000 global disasters.

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