Thursday , May 6 2021

UFC Adelaide Result: Mauricio Shogun Rua Ralis to Win on Tyson Pedro

In the first five minutes of the UFC Adelaide Co-main event, it seemed as if we were seeing one of the greatest champion's tragic stories, who saw himself on the weak side of his career.

Mauricio "Shogun" Ru absorbed the evil defeat from his young heavy Tyson Pedro on Saturday night in his Light Heavyweight boat, which ended one or more than one occasion on one or more occasions.

But the beloved "Shogun" is a legend of mixed martial arts for one reason, and the most accomplished fighters in the history of the game are relegated for a memorable victory. The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and Pride Grand Prix Trophy winner won 43 seconds of the third round at Adelaide Entertainment Center.

Rua told Interpreter after a 22-hour career detention, "Tyson is a great person and a great fighter, but it was my motivation." "This is what I like to do."

Pedro was bazoas in the first five minutes, because he had landed in various types of forests in the body, kicks, and cruel arrakes, which was blood of "Shogun" and it was later overwhelmingly broken. Ruva succeeded in holding Pedro and slowing down her pace to regain her speed and returned to the fight, although Pedro continued landing during the 10-8 round landmark.

On the other hand, Pedro did the gas, and did not raise any significant strikes. Ruen Pedro to the mat and take it from the advantageous place.

Rua continued to pour in the third part. He connected with the right to the right. Pedro refused by the power of the commission but bucked his knee and he hit the mat. Rua threw the shark like sensing blood and poured until it was bowled.

Ruia is now 26-11 and she has won four of the last five battles. Sydney's Pedro (7-3) has given two straight defeats and three of his four outings.

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