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Unmarried on the Vestpapen oakon dispersion

ABU Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Max Westpapp is not immoral on his controversy with Estben Ocken in the Grand Prix of Brazil, suggesting that the French driver has stepped away from a few shoves on the chest.

Although he had already wandered and struggled for it, Oak had refused to reject the race leader Verstappan two weeks ago. Confused in the pair, sending the Dutch driver back to second place and sending Lewis Hamilton to the first place in Interlagos.

Westapp spent his sixth season of his third win and his Red Bull career. When he saw Axon, he stopped the race-race interview and bounced against his rival and started shouting him three times, as he went away.

Thursday, Abu Dhabi, GP Asked, replied to the Westapp: "No, not really. After asking for forgiveness, I got a different response."

21-year-old Dutchman added, "I've lost the victory, so I think I was really quiet from my side." He added 21-year-old Dutchman, who is very well known for his fierce anger. "I thought it was a fairly silent response. What do you expect me to do? Hold out his hand and say, & # 39; Thank you so much. & # 39;

Although Oak had breached race etiquette as a back-marker not different for the leader, Westpa felt equally upset by Force India's comments.

"You do not listen to what people say … you see me pushing," he said. "But if you understand the full conversation, then I think it will be different."

Ockon's words "Something I did not expect to hear," the Westpatch added, before using the expletive.

The Red Bull driver will now serve two days of public service within six months, which will call it rigid.

"We are not robots," said Verstapne. "We're all here to win. You're in that position and it's taken away from you."

In a news conference on Thursday, two men sat in between Ferrari's pair Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Riccon.

Okon faced the entire stone, but he had to say.

"It's not a great thing to be involved in a break with a leader," he said. "I am sorry for Max. It was his race to win.

"Coming to the team radio," if you are quick, you can make yourself voluntary if you want. 'I went for it,' said the 22-year-old Frenchman. "Even if Max said the opposite, after that race he chose to come back to what he did."

The pair have competed after their karting days. Oquickon More Tomorrow, Wertstepon was unaware of how they felt about each other.

"I'll answer if I can not do it, I'll do," Okon said. "We're racing for a long time. The important thing is that it keeps good fun for good racing and fans, but it's not at the top."

Four-time world champion Vettel had a change in the past with Westpenden and former fellow player Mark Webber.

"We are going to fight for something here, which means that the world is for us. To see the people, it's a show. For people who know about the show, it's a job. It's a job for us, but it's our life," Vettel Said. "Emotions are part of sports."


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