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The injuries are part of everyday life from injuries to the next cuts. Though many injuries and coincidences, others may rise as a result of the behavior, function or social norms of a person or group. – Societies, inaccurate concerns, the characteristics that tell us about the dangers of different groups. Writes Nature, Beer et al.1 Give evidence of long-term perspectives2 Serious injuries are much higher than the conditions of the people of Nayantartha. Calling query claims2,3 It exposes Neanderthals' behavior and technology, particularly high risk and risk.

Reports of injuries and suicides are continuously in the news. Such stories are drawn to draw people's stories to read, as well as telling our community about it. However, to understand what qualifications to determine the current degree and injury, identify the basic foundation by reviewing the past. But how long should we look? Bring to the right to evolution of processes based on behavior, social, psychological, and abilities.

& # 39; Osteoporphy & # 39; in light of the human biography. Elliprolists study sculpture remnants to rebuild the facets of ancient life in the making. The bones are preserved – the complications caused by disorders, misfortune surface, bone misunderstandings, and an outbreak of secondary teeth – wounds, hind legs, and bruised bones,4,5.

Neanderthal fossils, especially on the head (Figure 1), neck,2 Longer human population is longer than that of humans. But that's not the case, Beer and his colleagues say. The authors of the modern human fossil skull and nostalgia found in Eurasia about 80,000 to 20,000 years ago have reviewed the authors of the authors. Compared to the unconscious, injured neotonal and the number of human skulls, two levels of headache.

The arch of St. Xerge Ninjareath

Picture 1 | A wandering scalp. The longitudinal fossil known in the name of Saint Catherine9 The skeleton of a skeleton is shown10 In the area where the arrows are mentioned. Beer et al.1 The articles published in ancient citation and human skull were included in Saint-Cassier 1.2 The authors say that the neanderthal and the human fossils have similar levels of mental illness as the neonander was worse than human beings.Craiver: Claire Artemis

The study of the powers of the byer and colleagues is in their study. Instead of comparing Neanderthal data to recent or living humans, as has been done in the past,2,6Human beings are not based on their comparisons, nor will they be shared by Neanderthals's ecological sides, but fossil recordings provide similar protection. Beer et al. 114 scrutiny scales, and 90 human beats. 14 skulls collected information for bones and collected information. The 14 pieces of bones stored in 1/2 bones are stored for poorly kept fossils. Many 295 neontotropic bones and 541 human bones were written by many people. They collected about 14 bones each and every other information about sex, age, age and geographical location of the fossil.

Beer et al. Two distinct mathematical analyzes are based on the presence or absence of each skeletal bone, in individual fossil skulls. It has been suggested that human fossils have either fossil control, geographical location, and mutual mutual mutual interaction between tracts that are not traumatic to the age or age of the fossil to examine the difference in the evolution of the troy in the neanderthal. These two analyzes gave similar results.

The fossils need to be sure that the fossils are completed or injured. This may sound obvious, but often ignoring such studies is a problem. Beer et al. Offers a way to deal with these biases in available material. If the size of fossil patrons is measured, there may be a deeper mental illness in humans.

It is much more important than man and men's hunting habits. This pattern continues to people today7. An outcome of a final cage, despite the serious injuries in all of the study periods, were brain dead at the age of 30 years than the brains of the brain. Comparing this effect to humans, writers interpret the evidence that non-stomatologic children are more likely to suffer from injury or injury after death.

The study conducted by Bear and colleagues does not override the previous values ​​of the trauma from the nests. Instead, it provides a new framework for interpreting this data, even to early humans in the eurozone, not just the high standard of disaster disaster. This suggests that Neoondartal disaster does not require any specific explanation, and that danger and danger are part of the lives of the vendors than our past. It adds to the evidence that the nondes are common in early human satellites. Still, it is interesting to find out that Neanderthals experiences the risk of untimely death in younger people than the human being, and why our species are of such a demographic benefit in the environs.

Is this the last word on the subject of neanderthal trauma? The answer is no. Bear and colleagues only evaluate the pregnancy of the skull. What if your ninetrhea is more damaging to human beings? There are data that suggests it may be occurring8. Furthermore, the authors' analysis of the power of well-designed learning on the basis of large samples testifies to a number of researchers detailed detailed measurements.

Finally, some precautions that cause injuries can be made available through behavior, actions, or social justice in the past. Skeletons can have wounds, bones cuts, prickly edges of the breasts or from the healing of the wounds, and sometimes the possibility of a trauma. For instance, they may have been injured as a result of a hunting ground3, Personal violence10 Or confrontation11. Moreover, due to serious difficulties, they are thought to be members of their community12. Ensuring the prospect of each and every modern man in the midst of these mysteries will continue to challenge the scientists in the coming years.

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