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Why to pick up toast at 6:20 and other ways to mark today's winter sunrise

Between last-minute mall trips, kids can be more balanced and motivated, indog-flavored hangover – there may be a lot to lead to the holidays.

Happily, on December 21, the winter solsté is a time-honored excuse for rest and quiet contemplation.

The longest night of the year, which was called Yule or Yuletide by the ancient German people, was a storytelling, a fire to instability and light candles and to keep the darkness in the dark.

In some ancient traditions, it was believed that negative spirits sought refuge in the heat of human homes during the longest night of the year. The light of fire or candles was believed to be in defect. (Olga_Narcissa / Shutterstock)

New Brunswick will see only 8½ hours a day on December 21 – the least amount of the year (or, things will take less than six hours and 46 minutes less than the day of summer solstice, from perspective to June.)

Soltés is the perfect excuse to spend a quiet Friday evening at home – and reflects on the ancient traditions associated with the first day of winter.

6:20 pm toast increase

In Atlantic Canada, the moment of Soltace takes place at 6:20.

St. John Astronomy Club Chairman Kurt Nassan said – When the attitude of the Sun comes in the least attitude, the sun comes directly on the tropics of the concrete and the Earth "raises its orbit to 23.5 degrees."

"On the first day of winter, sunlight comes directly on the southern hemisphere and we get very high temperature of sunlight – so it has the least heat," he said.

In ancient times, when people were "living, breathing and working through the emergence of the sun," this consecutive day represents the departure of labor, according to Sarah Lady Rose, a third degree high pagan priest and co-monsticky moons books and Montone Bruce's owner .

Lady Sarah Rose, Practicing Practicing for several decades, says that 'Winter Salts' is to celebrate, to come together and give thanks' & # 39; Time is (Lease Carmier Photography)

In ancient times, animals were repeatedly slaughtered during the morning, so that in the winter the farmers would not be burdened with their care – red meat supply was ensured for the festival.

It was also a time when most of the wine and beer made during the year were mostly fermented and ready to drink, making it a full time "to increase the toast to ancestors".

Old Traditions

Many modern Christmas traditions originate from the ancient celebration of Yule, in which "tree, jewelry, [and] Lights, "said Rose.

"In ancient times, our ancestors believed at this time of year that negative souls would try to enter the heat of the house."

Holly, ivy, mistletoe and evergreen buffs – such as bringing chlorophyll – are produced as a fertility symbol in the winter home of winter solstices, and the desire to return home in the happy days of spring is a way of indicating the gods. (Zamoroc photography / shutter stock)

"By putting light in the window, or by putting light on the tree, it will put the negative soul on the bay."

Bring green inside the house – such as Christmas trees, or holly, ivy or mistletoe buds – a symbol of rising and a new life attitude in the gloom of winter.

Hague, Holly King

According to NASA, there was also the time to say "the myths about what is in the stars and the myths about how it connects with nature".

"It was a time to tell the story of a long, dark night."

In the Scottish mythology, the legend was held that in the cold months of the year, Céillilch was ruled by Bhair: "Winter Queen, often featured as a bag," said Rose.

When the sun is set at 4:30, you really need to excuse the toast to increase? (YellowBellie Brewery / Twitter)

"At the time of this year, the earth is dying, and it brings a storm, which runs behind the land behind the land."

In the ancient tradition of Ireland and Britain, Winter Soltts was the epic battle between the Holly King – the god of a male god, who ruled the year's dark, semi-semi-ruled – and the Oak King, whose power was on its strength during the summer. Summer months

Rose said, "In solutes, they will come in battle." "One of them loses, and the second takes it for the part of the year. At the time of summer, they duke it again."

To come in the summer

The pleasure is that, the longest, darkest night of the year is a more solid bright side.

After Solostice, those days in the northern hemisphere winters will gradually grow long – and return to the Earth's axial tilted sun.

During that time, Nassan said, "Winter Soltices" is a good excuse to go out at that time and there are beer at the time – or many. "

More important, "It's time to celebrate, come together and thank you", said Rose, "The witchcraft and pagan groups of Montgomery, Frederiketan, St. John and Halifax have planned to follow public and private events to follow Soltés.

"Winter solsthe is a symbol of the reincarnation of the sun – and spring is coming."

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