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Woman, 32, after the change of law, first UK Becoming a patient is to suggest cannabis

The woman suffering from fibromyalgia is considered the first patient in the UK after a change of law, which indicates medical cannabis.

Karlie Barton suffers from painful pain for a long time suffering from stroke in her early 20s.

The former university lecturer began using cannabis illegally two years ago.

Choosing 32-year-old cannabis, after strong oxygen medicines, including morphine and phenant, left her feeling "zombie" even though she was in pain.

Last month, the Greater Manchester-based private pain specialist Dr. By David McDowell, he is believed to be believed to be UK.

The price of a three month prescription will be around £ 2,500.

The prescription will cost its £ 2,500

After November 1, doctors from the UK Can be able to determine cannabis products in patients.

But MS Barton, who lives in Brighton, is called Interim Guides, which is the NHS. The doctor makes it difficult to indicate the drug, it is "prohibited under a different name".

"His guides are not working. In that month they have been produced, no doctor has been instructed to write a prescription," she said.

"Those guidelines need setting on fire until I'm concerned and NHS specialists need to be comfortable to take clinical decisions."

MS Barton, deputy director of the patient advocacy group United Mutants Alliance, states that changes in the law are "indivisible" without changing direction.

She added: "At the moment, patients have been closed, there is a poster in the waiting room, do not say that people will not ask about it, if they say people are coming to the phone.

"There is a complete and complete silent attitude – people turn their backs and do not want to discuss – and that is why experts do not have any information.

"They are not valuable for the paper they have been printed on, and need to change it tomorrow."

MS Barton says that doctors need to be comfortable about pointing patients to cannabis

Advisor Dr. McDowell published the current stigma used as a factor in the prevention of other doctors by suggesting a drug as well as lack of research in medicinal cannabis.

"I do not think anyone would say that this is a magical wonder, but it is certainly true that I believe that this evidence is beneficial."

"It is widely used in other parts of the world and there is evidence that people are able to reduce their orthodox consumption and possibly reduce other medications.

"I believe that's why I think that's the way forward."

MS Barton says that he can only provide the first prescription and still wait for weeks to wait while the specialist importer has obtained a license to import the drug.

From 1 November to the UK The patients in canabis products are able to indicate the doctors

She said that she hopes that an NHS The expert will renew his prescription or buy "drugs to be criminal" by buying his drugs on a black market.

"I'm in situations where it's not safe to do."

"I am running sticks in dark parks, in the event of suffering, together with strangers, in terrible situations and people all over the world who are doing drugs with cannabis in different circumstances."

She added: "We will put it in a place where there will be rich patients and poor criminals."

The decision to reset canvas products includes many high-profile cases, including young brain sufferers Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell, whose conditions are helpful by cannabis oil.

But medicines can only be determined by a specialist doctor, a GP No, on a case-by-case basis.
NHS The guide says that the decision to notify cannabis products should be done only where other treatment options have expired.

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