Monday , January 25 2021

100 million passwords stolen from Quao

We have Latin America Yahoo Answers As the holy cathedral of merry questions But in the rest of the world Quaero It is known as a "serious" platform to ask questions.

This site has millions of users. And apparently a good part of them just got settled with their information.

According to a report Wall Street Journal, Site administrators have just announced that access information about them 100 million users They are stolen due to security breaches.

Warning: They steal 100 million passwords from quasars

All account information, including data imported from name, e-mail address, encrypted passwords and linked networks, may be compromised.

But the risks will be suggested to keep themselves safe in the best way. What is this Quando Executive Chairman, Adam D. Angelo In the official blog of the platform:

We are in the process of reporting users whose information has been compromised. To help us, we hire leading digital security and forensic companies.

Theft is so big that even Direct messages Users may have an impact sent to them.

Therefore, as a preventive measure, Quaaras are disconnecting all accounts that could be stolen. To contact victims by email.

This Clear recommendation If they use it in quasars and other social networks, then all passwords should be changed.

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