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5 Emotions are not exclusively for human beings

The ability to experiment Joy, pain and fear It is not just human. In fact, it is essential for the individual existence of many species. Does the ability to lose a loved one feel more complicated feelings, considering that they have dishonored us?

Evolutionary biology, postgraduate science and brain show Nervous system Human beings are human beings with some animals, especially the other mammals.

Spanish expert, Padma and Heraros, so skilled Those feelings Often We only consider human beings, Not only do we experience them.

Below are just 5 examples from his book "Emotional Intelligence of Animals".

1. The wisdom of righteousness

The bearded monkey

The species, such as Kachinine monkeys, can be identified between the two. BBC World / Getty Images

A person with average intellectual ability can distinguish between fair and not. The earliest like Cachicon monkeys.

These mammals They refuse to cooperate According to a study by the Yarkas Plymouth Center in Atlanta, United States, they seem to have been officially regarded as unofficial.

The cucumber pieces were given by a team of scientists for testing this mosaic of plastic cards.

Then the researchers gave him a gourd – a meal that cucumber enjoyed – one of them.

Immediately The rest refused to cooperate. Some scientists threw cucumber pieces into the face.

2. Is vengeance?


Resistant elephants have the potential. BBC World / Getty Images

When almost every human being thinks about revenge, there is no reason to think that some animals do not.

In fact, India's episode experienced in 2016 is famous, Elephants have a set Ranchi has a population of the country's north-east.

Elephants were searching for the body of a woman who fell below an irrigation canal.

Other animals were shown Bad With aggressive trainers.

For example, chimpanzees keep their friends and their enemies in their brain. If someone was attacked by someone, his friends would take revenge.

3. Love for mother


Like other organisms, Prima mothers have been shown mangrove science in science. BBC World / Getty Images

People with children love and protect them. The term "no mother's love" is already a clinic.

In his book, Pablo Herreros has prepared several examples Mother's love of animals They seemed to have a lot of children think of them as a boy.

Christina's is a spy from Tanzania. The child behind the baby's child, the Doon Syndrome, was the baby's baby behind the back of the infant's baby.

Researchers at the Kyoto University of Japan found this Intense effort Mother is the one who keeps eating this infant occasionally.

Two-year-old girl was killed At that time, as she knew that no one else could do more than that, Christmas did not allow her to be taken.

The elephant's mother and her daughter also show the release of a worker from the body – this aspect of the emotions in the world of animals.

Three years later they met again after a conservationist group. They did not speak for an hour or two. After they start Join your tubes and shelves.

4. Love affection


These dolls are entering "the spirit of love". BBC World / Getty Images

The loss of the couple and the loss of the couple causes many suffering.

How did he reveal in his book? The FIG, Who are loyal to all partners in their lives, are particularly weak in this type of loss.

For example, one of the two suddenly dies is difficult to give birth to another: often eating and weakening.

Even some They lose much strength They will stick to the rocks in which they live and fall unusually, crash rocks and die.

Is love a suicide?

Consuelo Capacity

Field swords or rats.

Field rats, dolphins, dogs and elephants will help the classmates get along with others. BBC World / Getty Images

Not only those who feel compassion and sympathy with others.

A study published in the magazine Science In 2016, animals such as waves or field rats were shown When their classmates suffer, they understandProvide relief.

If it was in a different tune with one of these rats, it looked very closely to a good man.

If this is done, the production of the stressed elderly brain oxytocin – "love hormone" It tastes good.

Other studies show that chimpanzees are victims of the attack. Dolphins, elephants and dogs have happened.

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