Tuesday , January 19 2021

6.4% fourth quarter of China GDP slowdown, lowest point after financial crisis

Growth in the second world economy has slowed down for three quarters of a year, which has worried that countries can pull the world down.

China's economy grew 6.4% in the fourth quarter of 2018, The lowest rate after the global financial crisis There is a time when a commercial war against the United States is going on.

Data released by State State of State Statistics are consistent with market expectations and show that 6.6% growth for the entire year has exceeded the target of Xi Jipping Government (6.5%). These last figures are the slowest expansion in 28 years.

The growth of the second world economy's gross domestic product has slowed for three quarters of a row, which accelerates concerns among investors that the country can pull the world down. The executive reviewed the growth of Friday's 2017 compared to 6.9% in the previous 6.8%.

According to the figures released today, the US tariff on Chinese exports did not cause significant damage to the local GDP, but economists and business officials say that This dispute with a direct impact on customer expenditure and capital expenditure has led to a high expense in confidence.

Since July, Beijing has adopted a series of fiscal and financial stimulus measures, but so far they have not been able to relieve the recession. Last week, the finance ministry described the plans for additional tax cuts.

Authorities expect the economy to increase in order to avoid a more slowdown, but analysts say that this activity does not stabilize until the summer, so Xi added pressure to reach an agreement with Washington to end the crisis. Commercial warfare

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