Sunday , June 13 2021

"A Essential Story" Emmy International is called "Best Short Series" Art and Culture

The good news for the Chilean Audwish Award has been the last ceremony of the awards International Emmy 2012 2018And local miniatures A story is required In it Hernan Caprio Category will succeed Best Short Series.

News spread Social networks Production, from where New York Its directors presented this role estaquilla World television offer is given to the most selective.

A story is required Provided 2017 According to 13C, 16 chapters That's it National television council (CTVV) through its Audiovisual Fund.

Its axis surrounds The 1973 coup, This makes it clear the diversity Short films It was reconstructing the La Moleda's bombing and two hours before the most crucial moment of administration Augustus Pinochet.

Inn A story is requiredFor example, in the case of the deceased relatives Anna Gonzalez de RekabreenAlong with other pseudonyms of authoritarianism. For this reason, the sources of information are its certificates Retweet report He said A relatives of disappeared relatives.

In mini-serial actors, prominent actors from the local industry will emerge Aljandro Gaik, Catolona Saavadra, Alfredo Castro, Sophia Garcia, Aerial Mathematics, Gaston Salgado.

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