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According to hacking, the best technology of humanity


A sunlight with energy for one year is enough power to give the earth. Why is sunlight so strong? This happens when a response is called a nuclear union.

This efficient process of producing eternal energy is estimated to be the hub of energy industry. It has to try to develop the most glorious thoughts in the world.

In late March 2016, British physicist Stephen Hawkings died in March, saying that technology that allows for the construction of the nucleus is the best of humanity.

"I would like to see the fusion energy development"He answers, thinking of the idea that we can make the most of our society.

"The source of nuclear energy is the source of practical energy that will give us the energy we can flow without being waste or contaminating at global temperatures," he said.

Unlike conventional nuclear energy, a process known as the fusion process – a process called fusion – is the source of this new energy source – that is, the atonement of atom.

As in the Sun's occurrence, hydrogen cites more helium produced by hydrogen.

This idea is to create "microcosoles" about the earth.

To get to the sacred village

It's there today More than 25 private enterprises Bill Gates (Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), and Peter Thile (PayPal) provide some of the great help to some famous entrepreneurs.

The first private project is the TR Eli Energy (TAE Technologies). It has existed for over two decades in California, USA.

Microsoft founder Paul Allen died last October.

Commonwealth Fusion Systems is a major heavyweight in this sector. There are six professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

One of the most encouraging projects is one of the most encouraging projects in the year 2025, when it was created to produce a reactor prototype.

Gates and Bezos are the two men who provide financing for the project with great entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Michael Bloomberg.

As well Some oil companies are in the process of fossil fuels. According to the Bloomberg agency, last March, investment in the 50 million dollar fusion system in Italy was made.

International effort

But some experts say the project is not likely to go ahead with the private sector.

It's about the call International Thermonuclear Test Reactor (ITERIn its English language), produced in Cadareşa, south of France, is US $ 23,000 million.

About three decades ago, 35 countries participated in this scientific experiment.

ITRR is expected to prepare large amounts of reactors by 2050.

Many countries develop their own ventures. In April, the BBC received facilities in the Anhui province of China They claim to be more progressive than their classmates USA, European Union (European Union), Japan, South Korea and Brazil.

The problem

But these plans will have to face the same problem, and that does not mean that the fusion line should be obtained.

The big challenge How can energy generate more energy than spend?

This was combined with the heat dissipation exceeding advanced million degrees. This state is called a plasma.

Unlike the Sun, Earth has no status to maintain plasma. The plasma must be isolated from other materials to achieve this. This is some Special cameras in ring formas tokamak.

The FIG They use powerful magicians To create the magnetic field that shatters the plasma. Today we use more energy than these cameras.

Firm systems like Common Commonwealth Fusion Systems have suggested better analytics. But nobody has been able to overcome this huge barrier.

Tesla's producer Elon Musk believes investing is essential in creating solar panels and batteries. To capture the sun's energyInstead of trying to rebuild our star, we wasted no money.

Nonetheless, the IP group told the Bloomer Agency to the PCAC investor that if it takes longer than it would like to funnel to develop fuels energy, many innovative products created for this industry They prove to be very profitable.

"The research companies from the software used to copy the spacecraft's magnetic field to the new magnetic field of 150 million degrees is patented by plasma emissions," Bloomberg said.

On the other hand, if professor hiking wants to wait for the unlimited and clean energy, we have to wait.

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