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According to the study, the popularity of Bikocon extends to 58% of Americans. Kryptonus


According to a study by Cinebase, the main cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, bitcoin is gaining popularity among Americans. In this report, the findings about the growing popularity of the country and their desire to invest in the market in cryptocutiences have been presented.

In a June 28 report published in Coinbaz's official blog, Half of Americans, 58% say they have heard about bitcoin and other cryptocurances. Beetown is becoming popular, claims that, according to the study, Google Trends has been supported by current trends in search. At the end of June, due to the price of cryptocurrences, Google's search of «bitcoin» has increased nearly three times More than a search related to Kim Carradian news.

Union states where bitcoin leads to popularity.
Source: Connebge Internal Data and Aguogue Study.

Studies have found that during 2008, More than "real marriage" or "election results" have been searched on Google for the word "bitcoin".. It adds that due to increasing popularity among Americans in bitcoin and other cryptuctions, it is becoming more important in the US economy. Because more and more people see technology as a new, more interesting way to participate in the financial system.

There are suggestions that the interest of the population will continue to increase 15% of Americans expressed a desire to invest in cryptography In the next six months In five states, shopping purchases are recorded at an average: 22.8% in New Jersey, 22.5% in Kentucky, 17.1% in West Virginia and 16.4% in Pennsylvania and Missouri.

The data of this study, which aims to evaluate the popularity of bitcoin in the US, is analyzed by analyzing the activity of Coenbase customers and from the survey of 2,000 US Internet users. In December 2018, people aged more than 18 were assaulted by the Aggov Polling Company.

Wyoming is a state with the most jurisdiction around cryptocurrence.
Source: Fiscal Notes

With the increasing interest of Americans in cryptocoarrences, Cinebes has said that country-wide lawmakers have focused on cryptography. In fact, More than 70% of the US has introduced rules related to the use of cryptucretions Or blockchain

Coinbase indicates legal development in Wyoming, particularly positive for cryptographic market. In this context, he has noted that at the beginning of this year, Wyoming approved a range of 13 laws that, in other words, recognize cryptocurances as money and allows banks to "provide custody services for digital assets".

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