Sunday , August 1 2021

Acid comments from Carlos Nair to Cecilia Bologocco

Carlos Nair During the visit to the program, he did not put a puppet on his head Intruders (Argentina), where he has disclosed details about the visit of our country after the conformity of Maximo.

No hair on the tongue, the son of the former president is called Cecilia Bologna No "Promotional".

"My father has asked him for a thousand permits, when he gives it, the birthday has already passed, my father planned to go back on Tuesday, but on the first day we arrived, they did not see him." Cecilia asked that families would not cross. All day and did not attend, and he said & # 39; well, tomorrow we go back & # 39;, He pointed out.

"They told us that only my father could see them, we went with them, they went inside, we waited for him, he came with Cecilia, the doctor was happy because he was happy, and Cecilia did badly about Zuluism and my dad He started talking. He said that he is right and those things are not right, he will take time to speak ill for us, it is exciting, when he said that he Do not want to be seen, he believed to thank Chile, but Argentina is not, and here it became a prayer chain., He added.

It should be noted that in his controversial statements, he stressed that in all the negative aspects, the important thing was that his brother's intervention went smoothly. "The good thing is that it has come out well from the operation", He suggested:

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