Thursday , May 6 2021

Actress gets five-year jail term for wearing a dress dress

An Egyptian actress was paraded by the red carpet in Cairo Last week, turning and smiling brightlyOn a fee dress up.

SHe attracted attention in place of doubt, but today it is doubly After that episode She has faced a series of criminal charges which could lead her to jail.

Three Egyptian lawyers, known for using the court to participate in moral awareness, They filed a case against Raniya Yusuf, He accused the wearing of an outfit at the Cairo International Film Festival, which was "the enthusiasm of folly".

January and Yusuf, who are more than 40 years old, have been scheduled for a trial, If convicted, he can be sentenced to five years' imprisonment.

This is one of the most recent cases of actresses, but Frequently lawyers who want to control the public morality that governs dress, behavior, and jokes, warns to put "order" Under the pretext of saving the Egyptian nation.

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