Tuesday , January 26 2021

After attempting to "weaken" José Antonio Cast Francisco Francisco Savadra: "I think that is not the way". TV and show

"I do not feel sorry, but I think that's not the way." With those words, the national animator Francisco Sawadra He mentioned the controversy generated after trying "Fabulous" For the former presidential candidate Jose Antonio Cast.

This issue was generated after the Interpolation for the Internal Interior Ministry for Andreas Chadwick Assassination of the Camerono Camilo Catrilinka in the hands of Carabiniros de Chile. In this example, Maruch deputy Emilia Nude It started with a speech in Mapudugun.

And then after that cast, the newspaper told La Taserra that "the next question I ask is in German", which caused uncomfortable for the host of the program. Conversation placesChannel 13

Sawadra said in the same medium that he did not regret, but he could have changed the way of changing his disputes.

"I do not want to erase what I wrote on Twitter, because I do not regretThat was my reaction, "he admitted in the interview. He added that" I do not have a good time with all of them. One is depressed, because Twitter is very violent. Suddenly reading many things, some humiliation and some terrible things, do not believe it. "

As a detailed, his quick reaction to tweeting "I got upset" (although he thought) that he has done it. With over 800 thousand followers on Twitter, it was impossible that nobody was not noticed.

"Filho, I'm a driver whose opinion is. It could not be a form, and it hit some of those words, Because they think that I should have opinions but with respect. And when I realize that they are right (…) I do not agree with violence, but I think I have responded violently and fall into the same game.

According to her words, she wants to become an animator with opinion on the situation, because "I do not want to get out of television tomorrow and people do not remember me"

"You do not have to use Rosstra as an animator as a good performer, as a simple entertainer, because when you are a simple entertainer, you will go without suffering or grave," he said.

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