Thursday , May 6 2021

AHF Coordinator Leonardo Arenas in Chile: "There is a distance of 25 thousand people who do not know they are living with HIV"

On Saturday, December 1, the World Day of Fighting against AIDS was celebrated. This issue is consistent in our country due to the increase in cases registered in recent years.

In fact, on Monday, April 9, the Health Ministry reported that since 2010 the diagnosis of new cases has increased by 96%.

This situation has warned organizations fighting AIDS because there are weaknesses in the public system that can explain this increase, such as HIV testing is not easily available.

This theme was the coordinator of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) in Chile, Leonardo Arenas, who said that there are 25 thousand people in our country who do not know they have HIV.

Arenas admitted that the ministry is taking steps to control the virus, but in any case he reviewed the portfolio website and pointed out that since 2016, we have not updated the statistical information of people of HIV in our country.

AHF member said that "We have to go ahead in testing and examinations so people can get diagnosed"

Arenas asserted that any unsafe sexual relationship, which is anus or vagina, has to be tested.

In addition, he said that it is necessary for people with HIV to put it in treatment. "People are too late when they know their syrologic status," he said.

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