Friday , May 7 2021

Alvarez apologized after fighting with Marcelo Salas

Universidad Catolica captain commented on this incident in the dressing room of the German Baker Stadium.

Cristian Alvarez made a balance of his career at the Catholic University Championship and Fringe Club.

At the moment of apologizing for "error" during his years in football, he took the opportunity to send a few words to the Deventis Temuco President Marcelo Salas, with whom he had a meeting in the German Baker's dressing room.

"I'm not short and things are there. Something happened. Fever for that, a thousand pardon"The captain said.

"We met, the souls were not very good, but I sent the accepted message", Said Marcelo Salas.

This problem of stadium guards would have been denied to allow Alvarez's family members to enter the court. "Matador" said that the harshness of security was due to the distortions in the last prize in Jamaica in 2016.

"The glass has broken, then you have to be careful. He said something to me, I answered him and this has already happened"Said Silas.

Radio Cooperativa reports that by attending a blow, Carabineros may need lateral.

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