Thursday , May 6 2021

Amazon Nintendo Positions 9 of its Top 10 Best Sellers of Japan –

You're curious about how you're developing for this holiday season Nintendo, You will be interested in knowing some information about the list of best selling videogame products in Amazon Japan.

At the time of this news, Nintendo Amazon has 9 products from 10 best-selling video game articles on Japan. If we take this list as a reference, we assume that the company is the most popular in this season, as it predicted its financial results.

In the first place we can only find related products Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Including the physical game at the first place (including at the digital version 5), the gamecube controller with the Ultimate design, and the second four-port adapter. GameCube Third place.

As long as the consoles are concerned, the numeric colors in the order positions 4 and 6, respectively, are the standard version of the Nintendo Switch, and the special version Nintendo Switch With Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

Pokémon: Let's Go, Peachu! / Ewe! They could not be missing from the bestseller list, and the Pechu version! 8th place, while Ewe version! In this position 11. Super Mario party also has importance in the Christmas season, because the physical game is at 9th place, while the special Joy-Con is at number 7.

This is the only success that shows this Christmas in the company. In fact, in the top 20, 17 products are Nintendo, And all are related to Nintendo Switch Or their related games and accessories, as you can see the link below.

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