Friday , January 15 2021

Amazon will complete the final sale of a Brasil Direct

El anuncio represents a major expansion of the expansion of Brazilian garlic in Latinoamerica and is a major business destination of Chile

Cada vez más cerca de Chile The Amazon business is expanding its expansion into the online retailing of Latinoamerica. El gigante estadounidense Anunció has this martial arts program on the direct operación of Brasil, desde su nuevo centro de distribución en Sao Paulo, con 11 categorías de productos.

Amazon desembarcó inicialmente en ese país 2012, concentrations of libraries and festivals, and in 2017 a new production of cravings for the production of ceramics, marketplace.

Pero A total of two people, including the prime servicio, will be able to conform to the 1P, the direct route of the direct flight. El anuncio signifies that he is going to meet with 200 million of 320 mil with a production of 200 million copies of a book.

"Nosotros querems vendor to be able to break into bridges in Brazil, and in the 1P. World, 50% of the people in the world have a 1P and 50% of a terresas (marketplace) for no more than a number of nosotros hay separación, a can of an art for the clients, "President of Amazon Brasil, Alex Szapiro al medio local Valor Económico.

Entre las categorization of products that can be accessed through a new canal of televisions, smartphones, informatics, artworks, for fads, jugets, cosmettes and cuidado personal.

Despacho gratis

Además de la venta directs the compilation of the documentary of the documentary of the mercado of Sudamerica, which can be readied by an international audience envío gratuito para las compras por 149 reales (US $ 39,62 al cambio de hoy), among the books that have been published in more than 99 languages

La estrategia is an expert in the field of expertise in the field of marketing, for which he has been working as a director for Brasil, who has been influenced by the influence of a factor in his directorial ventures.

Consultado sobre estos riesgos, who has been working as the CEO of the corporation for the first time, and has been working on a long term basis in the local business.

Mercado Libre, the leader of the princely states of Brazil, is working on a business model in Brasil, and in 2017 it has a similar market, it will be available for a free of charge, but it will be worth 120 years. Modifying the value of a credit card will cost you a lot of money.

Con 47 mil metro cuadrados, the new center of distinction of the distribution of the equivalent of a 10 campus futbol.

Aunque Szapiro no longer disclosed the details of the development of 1P for the person's personality, which is based on the Reuters newsletter that Amazon has a 1.400 person direct and indirectamental work to Brasil in a toadas operated business.

Los Rumores sobre el inicio de la venta directa, confirmados hoy, ya Brazilian sportspersons in Brazil, tanto operadores tradicionales como online. Los Títulos cadenas como Via Varejo, Magazine Luiza and B2W is the most influential person.

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