Sunday , May 9 2021

Arturo Vidal has given unbelievable donations to the telethon auction and asked to contribute to the people – Telethon 2018 – 24 hours

Arturo Vidal has unmistakable donations to the telethon auctioned and contributed to the people

The soccer player called his followers to donate. "We are very little in revenues," he said.



Arturo Vital The audience of its followers and telethon was surprised Announce special donations It was then revealed that after few hours after its end there are more than 19 billion pesos left to reach the target.

So the national footballer wanted to announce his new instagram by his Instagram account.

As he confessed "King Arthur" This Saturday wears a shirt signed by the entire Barcelona team Contribute to auctions and unity crusade.

"We are very little for fundraising and I want to contribute something else: my shirt which I used to be in the Champions League with Barcelona against PCV, This shirt is signed by the entire team. Come on Chillions, let's wake up and go to the bank! ", Calling everyone to continue contributing to footballer wrote.

This shirt is already available on the Teethon's auction platform, where its price is so far at $ 2,475,000.

This is another shirt which scholars donated to the cause.

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